April 2020 – Monthly Dividend Portfolio Update

Value: $2,710 | Gain: +$295 | Return: ▲15%
My April 2020 - Monthly Dividend Portfolio Update
My April 2020 – Monthly Dividend Portfolio Update

After a brutal March, April was good for the markets as all major indices bounced back. For the month, the S&P 500 was up 12.7%, the DOW was up 11.1% and the Nasdaq was up 15.4%.

April was good for me too. Not just because my portfolio is up. It’s also the month I was born and I got to experience the joy of celebrating my birthday in quarantine. It was not that bad actually.

Let’s do the numbers.

My April 2020 – Monthly Dividend Portfolio Update

April Summary

Value: $2,710
Return: ▲15%
Dividend Income: $4.12
Investment: $550

I slowed down my buying in April because as a dividend growth investor, it’s important for me to buy when solid companies are trading low. That’s because the dividend is paid per share and has no relation to the price – except for the yield.

I always keep reminding myself to not get too excited about the gains. Yes, I can always sell to buy more stocks and increase the number of shares I own in a company because that’s what results in an increase in dividends. However, I haven’t sold anything yet.

May is going to be interesting as the States start phasing in the opening of certain businesses and unemployment numbers start to normalize. Even as certain parts of the country contemplate opening, it will be a long road to recovery.

All-time Summary

Value: $2,710
Gain: +$164
Return: ▲11%
Dividend Income: $4.23

As you already know, I invest in lists (or pies) of stocks using M1 Finance. Since I started investing on February 27, 2020, I have created 3 lists and shared 2 publicly:

1) 14 Dividend Stock Picks Based on Harvard Business Review Best CEOs List
2) 15 Dividend Stock Picks Based on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work List

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